Published On: Fri, Oct 13th, 2017

Google Home Mini review—A gateway drug for the Google Assistant

Ron Amadeo

How much can you slice away from a Google Home and have it still be good? That was the question asked of Google’s hardware team when it created the Google Home Mini, a device that slashes the $ 129 Google Home down to a mere $ 50. The result is a smaller, cheaper, simpler device that still has all the Google Assistant smarts of its bigger brother without a speaker system capable of pumping out decent-sounding music. If you’ve ever wondered if this voice command stuff would work in your house and need a test device, Google is hoping you’ll take a gamble on this cheap little device.

Most of the features we covered in the original Google Home review still apply. The Home Mini still has an incredible mesh hotword system, seamlessly creating a Star Trek-like voice command network with other Google Homes and Android devices. A shout of “OK Google” and the Google Home hivemind will instantly identify the closest device to you and singularly answer you on that device. You still manage it through the Google Home app. It still has a bunch of voice commands. In this review, we’re mainly looking at the hardware, so let’s dive in!

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